The opposite of nature is impossible. [R. Bukminster Fuller]
At ??? you will enter an oasis in which you will be able to relax, pharmacy enjoy fantastic music and healthy food products based on local groceries and recipes together with finest international vegetarian dishes, ailment with an interrupted program lasting 48 hours and a number of additional activities.
We are offering two meals per day at affordable prices at our kitchen, case blending local, healthy food products and recipes together with finest international vegetarian dishes courtesy of our master of the kitchen Gaelle Leenhardt and the team.
 Our menu is all about love, sharing and joy, love of experiment and passion for cooking (for a lot of people).
The meals will be served at certain times of the day, moments for conversation, sitting, or just being silent because the music is to good and no world can be said.
You will also be able to find homemade sweet and salty cookies, fresh fruits from the region and packets of dry fruits, nuts and seeds. The bar is open for the entire duration of the event.





Friday 8 – 11 PM

Ratatouille served with wholegrain rise. A nice mix of fresh vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onion etc. cooked with a mix of aromatic plants. You can eat it hot, but it’s also beautiful when it’s cold. Vegan dish.



Saturday 10 AM – 1 PM

Two breakfast choices:
A > Traditional gibanica made by a grandma from the village, served with fresh yogurt. Gibanica is a salty pie made with cheese and sometimes spinach, a very traditional and tasty dish. Vegetarian dish.
B > Home made bread also by a grandma from the village, served with cheese, tomato, cucumber, sausages, all the ingredients are from the region. Can be vegetarian or vegan.

Saturday 6 – 9 PM

Vegan bolognaise served with somun and green salad. Vegan bolognaise is made from mushrooms, picked by us around the forest on Jelica and buckwheat. The sauce is with tomato, onion, carrots etc. Somun is a local bread, Turkish style, home made by a grandma from the village. ??? green salad with a French vinaigrette. Vegan dish.

Sunday 8 – 11 AM

Palenta, served with kajmak (buttery cream cheese, delicate and famous Serbian delicates), tomatoes, cucumber, dried sausages, all the ingredients from the region. Can be served with sausage, vegetarian or vegan.

Sunday 3 – 6 PM

Lebanese Plate
Including tabbouleh made out of couscous, tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds, dry grapes, fresh parsley and mint. ??? hummus and zucchini cream- everything served with a home made flat bread. Vegan dish.