general info

By purchasing your ticket, view you agree to the following rules and regulations of ???.
At the welcome desk you will provided with these rules in printed form, viagra to make sure that everyone at ??? is on the same page, viagra specially when it comes to security and the respect of the local people. The +++ welcome desk is open over the entire duration of the event, so you can arrive at any time.


??? lasts for 48 hours – 3 days and two nights – from Friday, July 3rd at 6 PM, until Sunday, July 5th at 6 PM. The doors will open on Friday, July 3rd at 4 PM. All of the visitors are kindly asked to leave the event area by Sunday, July 5th at 8 PM.
Ticket holders will exchange their tickets for wristbands at the entrance. All visitors are required to have a wristband at all times during the festival and should not remove it by any means. Visitors without wristbands will be kindly asked to leave the event area.
The event is all-ages, under 18 year olds need to be accompanied by parents or legal guardians, entry is not charged for kids up to 12 years of age.


It is not allowed to bring in weapons, alcohol, illegal substances, glass bottled drinks or food into the ??? area. Water is allowed, and smaller amounts of snacks will be tolerated.
??? team keeps the right to make changes in the program without prior notice. In case of rain or bad weather, the program will be resumed.


Families coming with kids are welcome to hang out in the KidsPatch area that will host workshop activities. Get in touch if you have any questions. Pets are generally allowed, but owners are kindly asked to act responsibly in relation to other pets, children and the general hygiene.
No other accommodation aside from the designated camping area will be provided by the organizers. You can contact Zoran Jovicic if you would like to find a room in a nearby village, by mobile phone 00 381 64 208 71 74 or email


??? is organizing a superb, healthy and affordable food menu for you to enjoy during the festival, with two strong meals each day. We hope you will share the gastronomic side of  ??? with us as well. More about that on the FOOD page!


All visitors are kindly asked to move within the ??? site and not to trespass on the property and fields of the neighbors. ??? nurtures a relationship of mutual respect with the local people, and we ask you to do the same – no walking in the fields outside of the marked paths or littering. Please do not set up your tent outside the marked zones and respect local people, both when you are approaching and leaving the ??? area, as well as during the entire event.


Fire is strictly forbidden in the camp and event area, as well as in the surrounding, as well as any use of open fire. Sky lanterns are not allowed. Please act responsibly in this regard for the safety of others, and the property of local people. There will be a central fire pit close to the stage, organized and maintained by ??? team.
The organizers may take responsibility for providing a safe environment for visitors only within the marked ??? area.


Please take care of the nature that will be surrounding us. No littering in or around the ??? area. Please use the garbage bins with separation of waste – paper, glass, plastic – and do not urinate around the camp and stage area. Professional toilets will be provided and maintained. Improvised showers will also be provided. We kindly ask you to use only eco-soap in respect to the environment. ??? employs a LEAVE NO TRACE policy, which means that the ??? meadow will be left in the same way it was found before the set up of the event.
The organizers take no responsibility in case of damage or loss of any personal belongings during the event.
Please keep all of the above in mind while at the event, and do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Thank you for taking your time to read these terms and we wish you… an amazing ??? experience!