Jan Nemecek

Jan Nemecek emerged in the early 2000s as one of the most versatile and prolific electronic producers in the area. In Serbia, he’s been known for many years as the most interesting young electronic music talent, creating various forms of electronic music while specializing in ambient and improvisatory electronic music. Nemecek’s ambient work unfolds with patience influenced by borderline dub sub bass movements and heavily based on deconstructed recordings. After gaining international respect from home listeners and critics with releases of albums Through The Planetary Void (2005) and All Things (2011), Jan’s latest album Fragmented (2014) flutters between intense noise and calming ambiance, mashing amplifier crackles with ethereal polyphony.
He gained as well as numerous EPs on Norbu, which he co-founded, and many other labels. He has performed all over Europe, touring Germany, Scandinavia, Portugal as well as neighboring countries. This work in turn influences the live performances, which vary from distorted techno-like rhythms to noise-like power ambiance.