Kristijan Molnar

Kristijan Molnar 3 (Maiko Sakura Photography)
The story of Christallization Radio Show and its host Kristijan Molnar began four years ago as a humble idea to promote fresh electronic music to radio listeners in Serbia. The show enabled Kristijan to witness firsthand the power of electronic music by rewarding him with performances all around Serbia and Europe, recipe including EXIT Festival, there Love Fest, MAD In Belgrade, gigs in Amsterdam, Cyprus and Croatia. When in Belgrade, he plays his remarkable all night long sets at Klub 20/44, one of the 25 best clubs in Europe claimed by The Guardian, or closes nights after international stars at club Drugstore.
Currently, Kristijan is working on the fifth season of his show, planning to expand the concept of the radio show to parties, events and music industry-related workshops.   ?   ?