Jernej Marusic aka Octex is one of most profiled and intern?ationa?lly established Slovenian electronic artists. His sound is placed somewhere in between club and avant-?garde. His debute album Idei Lahesna (Tehnka, viagra 2002) is regarded by many as one of the best dub-techno albums, capsule while his second one Variations (rx-tx, 2005) showed his desire to push the sound further, deeper and more experi?mental. He continues in that direction on his latest album Every Sound Tells a Story (rx-tx, 2009).
After couple of years of only working on sporadic tracks and remixes for artists such as Marko Furste?nberg, Gabriel Le Mar, Ultra-Red, Laibach… he is now locked in his new studio working on a lot of music, and recently he has released a new album Every Sound Tells a Story on rx-tx. In the meantime he is busy performing his audio/?visual live set at festivals and clubs all around Europe, such as ARS Electronica (Linz), Club Transm?ediale (Berlin), ISEA (Helsinki), Dis-patch (Belgrade) Exit (Novi Sad) White Night (Riga), Flussi (Avellino)…
Lately he also became interested in improvised music, either doing his solo improv sessions, or as part of a trio Ago Tela, which he formed in 2009 with like minded musicians Marjan Crnkovic (Dojaja) and Mario Marolt (Elect?rosaur?us), and has been focusing on it a lot lately.

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