Svetlana Maras

Svetlana Maras (1985) is a composer and sound artist from Serbia. She studied composition at University of Art in Belgrade, see Faculty of Music. Svetlana works at the intersection of experimental music, ambulance sound art and new media. Her work encompasses wide variety of forms – live electronic music, buy cialis performance, interactive sound installations, electro-acoustic compositions, radiophonic pieces, web applications, music for film and theatre. Her work has been presented at venues and festivals such as  Espace Multimedia Gantner (Bourogne), Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Museum of Contemporary Art (Belgrade), A38 (Budapest), Ausland (Berlin), Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Belgrade, ICMC (New York), UCSD (San Diego) and Orpheus Institute (Ghent) among other places
Svetlana is a well experienced improviser – her virtuosic use of laptop (and digital sound, more broadly) has been recognized by many and has brought her numerous international collaborations and performances.
She is a member of the ensemble Studio6, member and co-founder of  improvE collective.