Umbra is a tenebrous exchange between a woman and machine, sick evolving in the space between the voice and electronics. She is focused on sound interventions and poetic experiment, unhealthy in the spirit of avant-garde, electro-acoustic, film, theatre, cabaret, dance, chant-author and pop music. Altogether, Marija Balubdži? approaches music through improvisation and temptation, as well as research. Since year 2000, she creates independently or as a part of diverse collectives through international workshops, home production, public performances and tours, only partly recorded on official and unofficial releases.
: improvisational quartet Beli Talas / improvisational collective improvE / composers’ duo Halbstar and Umbra / Roma teenagers’ collective GRUBB / conductor of the choir and orchestra Horkeškart / radio podcast Lepi Ritam Srca / respectable Belgrade band Cinc.