All workshops are free of charge and included in the ticket. Still, illness capacity is limited so application is mandatory via . Please write the name of the workshop in the subject, and full name of the participant(s) with their email and mobile number contacts.
Application on the spot is also possible, but depends on the availability. The workshop participation works on a first come first served basis.


Saturday, July 4th – 5 – 9 PM

Hosted by, the CDM Tent is an open space for sound experiments and musical and performance inventions. Created a performance interface? Invented a controller or made something that makes noise? Curious to try a sound experiment in the woods? Plug in, meet friends, and share.
In addition to open hours, we are inviting the following featured performances who applied via a call published on CDM site: Fanni Fazakas (HU), Johanna Kupi (HU), Frange aka Mehmet t. Akalin (TR), Colliding Fields (CH).
They will range from “crowdsourced BPM” using open source bio-sensor monitors to experimental field recordings to interactive fashion to multichannel sonic immersion.


WILD FOOD with Dario Corteze [Slovenia]
Saturday, July 4th – meetup at noon

Recognizing, collecting and preparing wild food dishes
Which edible plants are convenient for everyday nutrition, what is their culinary and medical significance, how to recognize, collect and prepare them..? What do we need to take into account to avoid poisonous plants? What are the ways of preparing all of the wild things? This and much more will be discussed during a stroll around the woods, without staying hungry.
The workshop is led by Dario Corteze, an agronomic dissident from Slovenia, who instead of advocating for healthy production of fruit and vegetables opts for the return to the future based on the wealth of mezolit before the decline of the so called “neolit revolution”, the start of nurturing plants and animals.


COSMIC DANCE – YOGA with Tina Mari? and Ivana Miodragovi? [Serbia]
Saturday, July 4th – 5 – 7 PM

The aim of the workshops is to connect yoga and dance through carefully crafted yoga positions (asanas) and the accompanying music.
Workshop will start with warming up the participants for asanas. After that each asana will be practiced individually, while at the end they will be integrated with coreography.
Workshop is conceived as a sort of meeting point of yoga, as a way of reaching spiritual and physical balance, and dance movement as a true human need, and all of that in the context of +++ – a different way of socializing.
The facilitators are certified yoga instructors Tina Mari? and Ivana Miodragovi?.
Workshop duration is 2 – 3 hours. Please bring along a towel or yoga mat.


HUMAN NATURE kids workshop and activity area with KidsPatch [Serbia]
Saturday, July 4th – 1 – 3 PM + all-day activity tipi
Sunday, July 5th – 1 – 3 PM + all-day activity tipi

Where the wild things are…
Kids and parents will have special opportunity to discover natural resources when it comes to inspiration and creativity through re-establishing special bonds between art, humans, animals and nature. Together with the artists Gaelle Leenhardt and Dušan Raji?, the kids and parents are going to design and build specific spaces and stories in connection with the secret location in the woods.